Taliban promise to be more moderate where women’s rights are concerned

(AP Photo/Kathy Gannon

AMONG the challenges facing Afghanistan presently are the Taliban’s repressive past and the tiny taste of women’s freedom that was being enjoyed by many that have long admired the idealism and openness that women in the western world have enjoyed.

The concern and disappoint many of Americans have had for…

Moving Forward In The Year Ahead

This is my personal plan. It doesn't belong to you, however, you could write a similar plan for the coming year. To be certain, you can do this any time of year. You could start this process in March, June, August, or anytime you realize that you have reached a…

Are New Year Resolutions worth the time?

Photo by Melanie Picazo on Unsplash

IT’S a dance many of us do every year. It’s like gathering at the “same Bat Time and the same Bat Station.”

The cause is not celebration, and it is rarely anything close to goal planning, but a flimsy mixture of thoughts about…

Michael A Wells - INFP personality type

Held captive in the Midwest but I love San Francisco, black coffee, chardonnay and diet coke. My vice is SF Giants baseball. I'm the poet you are running from.

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