Well, in defense of the Biden State Of the Union, it was one of the better I have seen in years. Why? Because he got nailed the critical issue so many of Americans felt needed addressed. You may have found it boring, but most American I know wanted to know where we stood on the security of Europe and the Threat Russia posed. Not surprising in the days following he had an 8% bump in the polls.

That said, I give him high marks for addressing the prescription drug costs too in America.Like Mr. Salsbury, I two have type II diabetes. Mr. Salsbury has done his homework and I suspect has spent a large part of his lifetime as have I in watching the issues of diabetic medication and insulin.

I'm basically okay with Biden's $35 figure, though Mr. Salsbury is correct that companies can likely make money off insulin at even lower costs.

At that cost, companies could still afford to offer discount programs reducing it further for seniors and other low income patients.

Clearly foreign companies are making profits without price gouging patients.


Held captive in the Midwest but I love San Francisco, black coffee, chardonnay and diet coke. My vice is SF Giants baseball. I'm the poet you are running from.

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